Mimivax looks for game-changer in GBM as Survaxm shows signal at interim look

Like David against Goliath, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (RPCCC) spinout Mimivax LLC is seeking to take down one of the most common and aggressive forms of primary brain cancer, and interim findings from its U.S. multicenter phase II study suggest the Buffalo, N.Y.-based company may have a shot.

Key Interim results of Survaxm, its survivin peptide mimic immunotherapeutic vaccine, showed that 91 percent of patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme (nGBM) who received the treatment in combination with standard of care achieved 12-month overall survival (OS) compared to 61 percent historical standard of care. In addition, 96 percent achieved six-month progression-free survival (PFS) on the Survaxm regimen compared to 54 percent historical standard of care.


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